5 Best Las Vegas MLS Searches!

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Everyone knows a little something about Sin City. Whether it be gambling, neon lights, or extravagant shows and dining there’s a reason Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world.

But home to more than two million Americans and still rapidly growing, Las Vegas is much more than a bucket-list travel destination. Filled with parks, sprawling indoor and outdoor malls, a historic downtown, a bustling Chinatown, the Smith’s Center, Springs Preserve, museums, and family-friendly exhibits such as Shark Reef and Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden, most Las Vegans (Vay-gan, not vee-gan 😂) would tell you they rarely visit the Strip.

This sunny metropolitan area also remains a slice of outdoor paradise, encompassing the conservation area of Red Rock and Lake Mead National Park as well as being a quick trip away from the jaw-dropping Valley of Fire. There’s a place for every outdoorsman, except perhaps surfers, in the natural scenery of the Mojave desert.

If you’re not sold yet on singing “Home means Nevada” or perhaps already are a Las Vegan tired of me spouting things you already know, I’ve compiled some quick searches of different hot areas of the Vegas Valley to aid in your home hunting.

Below is a more generalized Las Vegas MLS search of the whole Valley. In fact, if you zoom out you can even search for properties as far as Laughlin. If you would rather search by criteria rather than a map search, there is an easy-to-use MLS search bar below the map. The search, like me, is here to help you find your perfect property!

5 best Las Vegas MLS Searches

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