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In many cases, buying land in Southern Nevada is arguably more difficult than purchasing a home. Since land provides only a property’s basis, the ultimate value of land requires a vision of future growth. Before any land purchase, factors such as zoning, floodplains, future development plans, as well as the extremely important Nevada water rights require careful consideration and research.

As Your Agent, I’m Here to Help

Together we’ll sort through Nevada’s available land to find your perfect fit. Along with a detailed look through all the variables mentioned above, I’ll provide price comparisons and area lists to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

During the negotiations, I will make sure our ‘Letter of Intent’ is detailed and clear, so when the time comes for contracts to be written there won’t be any confusion with the other side.

Once we’re in contact, I’m still your agent. I’ll ensure that we have a lengthy due diligence period for the proper research of your chosen property. With me, there aren’t any unwanted surprises!

Finding Your Perfect Land

The search below shows land listings in Southern Nevada listed with licensed Realtors. However some land listings, especially commercial parcels, are listed with licensed real estate agents that aren’t Realtors. In such cases, the agents will have their listings on commercial real estate websites like these…


Give me a call and I’ll search through all the major databases to find your perfect property. When you’re looking at buying Southern Nevada land or listing your land property, I work hand and hand with my Broker Michael Reiss. Together we have over 50 years of experience in land and commercial transactions.

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